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The Hodgdon Reloading Data Center is new and improved. All the data that you know and love is still here, but now it's easier to use and accessible on your mobile devices. We've improved the filtering on desktop, allowing you to retrieve data for your materials faster.

Jan 28, 2003 · 26 Posts. Discussion Starter · #3 · Feb 1, 2003. I recieved an answer from Remington on this, in case anyone was curious. Remington said that the Gun Club hulls use the same reloading data as the Premier STS, not the Unibody SP.I also sectioned a few hulls to verify. The Gun Club and Premier hulls appear to have the same hull geometry.CMoore.
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loads listed in the Alliant and IMR reloading guides that can be used in vintage shotguns. The criteria I use when selecting loads is to keep pressure below 7,000 psi. There are many recipes in reloading guides that are under 7,000 psi using double base powders, but I like to use single base powders when recommending loads for vintage shotguns. The
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Shotshell Reloading Handbook, 5th Edition- Hatcher's Notebook-Julian S. Hatcher 1962 Handgun enthusiasts, gun-owning do-it-yourself, law enforcement officials, and gunsmiths here is the ultimate one-volume guide to acquiring and developing all the necessary skills
Smokeless shotshell. Specially formulated for long distance 12 gauge shooting. Ideal for games such as Back Porch, Annie Oakley, Protection and Buddy. For use in 12 gauge hunting loads.
Description. The CCI™ 209M Primer is a true Magnum Primer designed for heavy charges of slow burning propellants, making it a terrific choice for heavy waterfowl and turkey loads. These 209M Shotshell Primers are more sensitive, easier to seat, and more compatible with progressive and automatic loading equipment than ever before.
The only real basis for evaluation of a shotgun load is the pattern, and counting patterns is a lot less fun than measuring groups. There is the Lyman book and some specialty manuals on loading non-lead shot. Otherwise the powder company load data and press instructions will get you by.
The manual contains load data for 86 rifle cartridges as well as hunting ballistics charts for each one. The load data is well organized with powders listed by brand, and three powders from each (IMR, Alliant, and Hodgdon). I found some great articles in this book. One personal favorite was about the challenges of long-range shooting and the ...
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When you're reloading your own ammo, having reliable, high-quality powder is critical. At SCHEELS, we carry reloading powder from leading brands like Hodgdon, IMR, Alliant, and more for quality you can trust. Whether you need powder to reload rifle cartridges or powder for shotshells, our selection includes powder for virtually every caliber.
Aug 01, 1990 · Listed at a low $2.00, this 48-page booklet, The Shotshell, Handgun and Rifle Reloading Manual, is jammed with pressure/velocity data for that firm's line of ...