Ruger 44 carbine value by serial number

Borchardt Rifle Company (BRC), well known for its 1878 Sharpos Borchardt Action and Custom Rifles and the BRC Premium Barrel, is owned and operated by Al Story, a master machinist and gunsmith with over 45 years experience. All BRC products are produced in Al's 50 by 70 foot machine shop in Silver City, New Mexico. Illustration courtesy of Sturm Ruger Co, Inc. The Deerfield Carbine is based on the Ranch Rifle design but uses a four round rotary magazine instead of the staggered box magazine of the Ranch rifle and Mini-14 rifles. The reason for this special magazine is the .44 Magnum's rimmed case.

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Jan 08, 2017 · Trade Value or Items Looking For: Interesting guns - value $750 + Caliber:.44 magnum Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: Real nice Ruger .44 Carbine for sale. According to the serial number (100-07xxx), the year of manufacture was late 1969/early 1970. Great shape for a 46 to 47 year old rifle.
GA Sales: 1943. $1,100.00. Full Details More from this Seller. 18 Image (s) 1962 Ruger 44 CARBINE semi-automatic rifle ~ .44 Magnum Caliber ~ Early Example. We are offering for a sale a Ruger 44 CARBINE semi-automatic rifle chambered in 44 Magnum caliber. This is a SECOND YEAR PRODUCTION rifle manufactured in 1962.
Got a beauty of a Blackhawk in 30 cal in a trade today, 7.5", original Red Cardboard box and manual and plastic cylinder ring. Serial number is a very low NM 51-05XXX, Pre warning gun, very faint turn line. Question, I was enamored enough with the condition that I accepted it in trade, unsure if I will keep it, and was wondering what the market would support on the gun as described?
Serial # 45 171xx. The Ruger Blackhawk uses. I'm looking at a New Model Blackhawk in 30 carbine and I was on the Ruger website trying to check the serial number for it's birth date and couldn't find the serial number. Ruger gun values by serial number. Ruger blackhawk stag grips. I was thinking model# should be bkh-34b. Can you guys help me out?.
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Example Walnut rifle stock made for Ruger 44 Mag rifle. Ruger 44 Mag Carbine stock is for tube fed rifle. Semi inlet and will require fit and finish. Wiped down with mineral spirits and IS NOT FINISHED. All semi-inlet products require final fitting to your action and final sanding and finish of exterior of stock.
The OPs gun is a Model 44 Carbine. Made from 1962-85. Previously known as the Deerstalker (1961-62). Ruger also made a 44 carbine based on the Mini 14 action called the Deerfield Carbine from 2000-2006. From the wikipedia page...
Ruger would not get into the rifle market until 1961 when they would start manufacturing the semi-automatic 44 carbine. By 1966 they would have manufactured around 100,000, 44 carbines. These early carbines in great condition are very desirable. They would also manufacture other rifles like the Ruger number 1, Ruger number 3, and the model 10-22.
History. Designed as a close range carbine for deer hunting in dense woods, Ruger released the Model 44 Carbine in 1961 as the "Deerstalker", a moniker it used until 1962 due to a lawsuit brought by the Ithaca Gun Company. The design influenced the smaller and more popular Ruger 10/22 model chambered in .22 LR that would debut in 1964. The rifle was discontinued in 1985 due to high production ...
Ruger 44 Carbine .44 mag, 1962 Description: Metal surfaces rate excellent, potentially revarnished wood. Manufactured in 1962. Early serial number. Free Shipping, No Credit Card Fees! SOLD Manufacturer: Ruger Model: 44 Carbine Serial Number: 5308 Caliber Info:.44 mag. Barrels: 18 1/2
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