At Domicil, your satisfaction is our top priority. Building quality luxury homes has been our long-standing passion for over 30 years. When you choose Domicil as the building contractor for your new home, you partner with a team that looks forward to guiding you through every step of your journey.

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Entries with "domicil" domicile: domicile (English) Alternative forms domicil (archaic) Origin & history From Middle French domicile‎, borrowed from Latin domicilium‎. Pronunciation (Amer. Eng.)… domicils: domicils (English) Noun domicils Plural of domicil
dom·i·cile (dŏm′ĭ-sīl′, -səl, dō′mĭ-) n. 1. A residence; a home. 2. One's legal residence. v. dom·i·ciled, dom·i·cil·ing, dom·i·ciles 1. To establish (oneself or another person) in a residence. 2. To provide with often temporary lodging. v.intr. To reside; dwell. [Middle English domicilie, from Old French domicile, from Latin ...
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Domicil主进高端渠道卖场,以时尚、经典的品牌风格,主打去风格化、德式经典的的产品。 [3] Domicil,是一个沙发品牌,意为家庭。以"梦享生活"为理念,开设了第一家Domicil [5] 。以品质、时尚追求和经典设计致力于成为国际家居品牌的领导者 [5] 。
Domicil, Germany's top luxury brand, is now available in Singapore. Homestolife is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Domicil in Singapore. You can check out more information on who is Domicil from our Instagram post here. Delivering products beyond just functional and beautiful, Domicil brand is synonymous with genuine quality and exceptional value. Each Domicil product is designed ...
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With a prime location in the heart of Hamburg's lively Schanzenviertel District, the Hotel Domicil Hamburg by Golden Tulip is ideal for exploring. You will find a dizzying selection of bars and shops within walking distance. Fish Market are under a mile from the hotel, and the St. Michaelis Church and Hamburg City Hall are 2 miles away.
Domicile definition is - a dwelling place : place of residence : home. How to use domicile in a sentence. domicile Has Latin Roots
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