Best 44 mag ammo for deer

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There are a number of suitable handgun cartridges for big-game hunting, but to obtain the best performance you need the right bullet—a lesson I learned the hard way on my first handgun hunt.When I was a teenager, I wanted to take up the mantle of handgun hunting and chose a suitable weapon—a Ruger Redhawk in .44 Magnum—that I could shoot accurately to 50 yards.
The .44 Magnum has been used in carbines for decades and in my never humble opinion it is one of the best of the pistol cartridges for hunting deer, when you consider all aspects including price. There was a time where my hunting buddy and I used lever action .44 Magnum rifles almost exclusively for deer hunting in Maine and Vermont.
The .44 Magnum is a potent little cartridge and a great deal of fun to shoot. The carbines make for useful farm tools and compact hunting rifles while handguns are guaranteed to put an ear to ear grin on any shooters face. But like all cartridges, the .44 Magnum has its strengths and limitations.
Jul 14, 2014. Kentucky. Yes, I've used a .44 Magnum rifle for Deer, but have a Ruger Model 77/44. I've harvested several Deer with it, one shot kills. In fact when Indiana allowed the use of Pistol Cartridge Rifles back in 2007; I shot two Deer with one shot!! The larger Deer (Doe) passed my stand which was located in a brushy area, I didn't ...
I just built/ am building a 44 mag round for my 10 year old son for fun. I a still working on the load but have settled on a beartooth bullet 250 grn WFN GC with H110. It is still a work in progress but shows good promise. I have a Marlin 1984 that was Cerakoted, big loop lever, trigger job, tuned action, and Sims recoil pad.
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In fact, hunters have been known to load .44 mag ammo for hunting game as large as elk. Of course, despite that powerful pedigree, most Americans simply know .44 mag as the firearm of choice for Dirty Harry. When the film was released in 1971, sales of .44 magnum revolvers spiked along with .44 ammo.
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Unlike many other cartridges, the .44 Magnum is actually three cartridges. Run at the sedate and low pressures of the .44 Special, it is both a soft-shooting load and a thumper. A 240-grain lead semiwadcutter loaded to only 900 fps posts a power factor of 216--beyond all but the top-end .45 ACP +P loads.
Jun 8, 2017. #29. If you are not shooting past 100 yards and only at whitetails then I would highly recommend the 44 mag. Loaded with 240 xtp at 1800fps it is a deer slayer out past the distance that the rainbow trajectory allows you shot. The 44 is more efficient and lot quieter than the 45/70.